Eco-sourcing refers to the collecting of indigenous New Zealand plant propagating material (seeds or cuttings) from native stands of vegetation which derive from naturally occurring parents. The subsequent progeny are planted back in the same ecological district or locality from which they originated.

Every patch or community of native bush not only differs in species composition from neighbouring areas, but also each and any species occurring within the plant community can differ genetically from others of the same species found in the same area.

These genetic differences manifest themselves in many ways, the most obvious being visible differences in plant form or leaf shape. At Wai-Ora our aim is to preserve as much of our natural environment as we can, and where possible restore modified areas as close as possible to their natural state. Eco-sourcing is an essential tool in realising this aim

Clearly, in modified areas such as Christchurch city, which has few remaining natural stands of indigenous vegetation, the application of eco-sourcing is of vital importance.

Wai-Ora Nursery sources most of its seed from less modified areas; for example, parts of the Canterbury Plains, Banks Peninsula and the foot hills and strongly advocates the planting of natives from this seed source where possible.

We endeavour to supply the best eco-sourced plant material available. However, we do not always have stock available from every region and in those instances we will offer you the choice of alternatively sourced plant stock most suited to your climate and conditions.

Wai-Ora Nursery not only produces native plants with an emphasis on eco-sourcing and producing niche plants, but can also provide in-house expertise on assessment of proposed re-vegetation sites and species suitability for those sites.