Our Nursery division specialises in producing eco-sourced native plants for the wholesale market. Within the nursery we have a well established infrastructure and capacity to produce large numbers of plants. As well as growing the extensive range of native plants listed in our catalogue we can provide a tailored contract growing service. We have many species suitable for Riparian Planting

Native Plant Specialists

We are truly the native plant specialists. Our team has embarked on the propagation of lesser known but nevertheless important plants, in the quest to broaden the bio-diversity of our flora.

With seeds collected from authenticated seed sources, we now have for sale small numbers of species such as Parsonsia spp, Raukaua spp, Streblus spp and Teucridium spp.

These are in addition to the wide range of Eco-Sourced natives plants that are held in stock.

We welcome your enquiries.

Soren O'Neil

Nursery Sales and Plant Procurement


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